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Also known as the subtractive, the required processing is retained and the unnecessary processing is removed, and the circuit is formed by direct etching on the base copper.

EPS(Embedded Passive Substrate) & EDS(Embedded Dies Substrate)

EPS/EDS is a process form of mounting semiconductor passive components and ICs in a substrate, which can reduce the size and thickness of the package.


On the pre-treated base material, protect the areas that do not need plating, and then plate again. This process requires secondary copper plating and is called the semi-additive plating. 

ETS(Embedded Trace Substrate)

ETS is a substrate with circuit patterns embedded in an insulating base material. It can be combined with the coreless structure to form fine lines without adding cost.


The coreless substrate reduces the overall thickness of the substrate and improves heat transfer resistance and electrical performance. At the same time, the core layer and the stacking layer adopt the same design, which further meets the development requirements of shrinking package size and increasing circuit density, and realizes more fine circuit designs.

Compared with the traditional R&D process, multiphysics simulation can save customers testing time, speed up the R&D process, and optimize products with numerical calculation methods, which is more scientific and effective.


Simulation Platform


Supply Chain Management

With mature and stable supply chain management, it solves the cumbersome device procurement and management problems of customers.

Advanced Package & Hardware one-stop Solution

Functional Reliability Testing

From front-end design simulation to back-end finished product inspection and testing, we have a complete test solution to ensure product reliability.

One-stop Solution

SiP Design

Provide customers with highly integrated and miniaturized semiconductor device module packaging solutions and semiconductor test interface solutions. The products are widely used in high-end medical, industrial control, communications, semiconductor testing and other fields.

Substrate Manufacturing

With first-class substrate manufacturing technology, the product types cover FCBGA, FCCSP, PBGA, MEMS, MEMORY, RF, etc. Can provide customers with domestic first-class substrate manufacturing solutions. Among them, FCBGA and FCCSP can be mass-produced.


Can flexibly meet customer packaging requirements, from wafer level packaging, hardware solution design and manufacturing (such as PCB manufacturing), and IC test board design and manufacturing.

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